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About us

Who we are

Drug Free Marion County is an anti-drug coalition. Our work is aimed at preventing and reducing the impact of substance use on crime, health and individuals in our community.

What we do

Advocate for a healthier safer Marion County through prevention and education to reduce substance use disorder among youth and adults.

Where we are going

To be the community resource to eliminate the negative consequences of substance use disorder by 2030.

Why we do what we do

  • The use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs by youth in Marion County continues to be above regional and state averages.

  • Parents are not aware of the level of youth substance use in Marion County.

  • Many people are unable to complete treatment as a result of other unmet needs.

Our Solutions

  • Continually assesses the county needs and updates Strategic Community Plan.

  • Provides funding for local prevention, treatment and criminal justice programs.

  • Promotes awareness and advocates for change.

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